Topless Robot Comic-Con Meetup: Saturday, 7:30 p.m.; Location TBD


Stay tuned to our Facebook and Twitter for final location info; I need to location-scout first, as things always change in San Diego between years.

Comic-Con coverage is going to change things up a bit here for the next few days – I await with bated breath the inevitable wi-fi battles, and depending on how I fare, you may see headlines show up here first, with the full story added later in the day. Post timing will not be as on-the-dot as usual, but will depend upon the schedule of events. I intend to be as fast and thorough as the best, and technology willing will bring you the important stuff first.

For the rest of the day, however, I’ll be traveling. Please use the rest of this post as an open thread to discuss what you’d like to see and hear from the show.