Valiant 8-Bit Contest Winner, Plus 8-Bit Anchorman!

When I have contests that require actual image work, I know I won’t get quite as many outstanding entries – but there were at least four that stood out this time, and choosing the top one was quite difficult.

Nobody thought to do Anchorman, but I did find Cinefix’s version, released over the weekend, to be quite entertaining. Watch that first, then hit the jump to see the winner and honorable mentions in the contest.

The assignment was to create a similar 8 or 16-bit tribute to an existing pop-culture property, via fake screenshot, ad or game cover.

psycho2 had two entries that got very, very close. His first one ought to please our own Canadian.Scott (as it did Julia).


His second one came this close to being a winner. I loved the detail of the Charlton Heston head as health meter, and the fact that it’s old NRA president-era Heston, who would take out those damn dirty apes far quicker than his young, shirtless counterpart.


Calm-AV‘s, according to Julia, was “too detailed” and “not choppy enough.” Worthy of an honorable mention, though.


WeepingAngel did the username proud with this Doctor Who Pac-Man.


Turn the page for the winner…

It’s jonap, for an image that took me back to the days of Commodore 64…


Please email me your info to claim your prize. And great work, everyone who entered.