A Killer Squirrel Movie is the Timur Bekmambetov Movie We Deserve


It really is about time we stopped giving Timur any more credit than he deserves. Night Watch, Day Watch, Wanted – all passable genre pieces, but nothing in them ever screamed “visionary director” to me (Wanted was actually better as a Mark Millar comic). And to the extent that they did, hooking up with Tim Burton killed the unique spark in favor of generic sub-Burtonism.

So let him produce a movie about squirrels gone bad. Make it the visionary-est killer tree-rodent movie ever. He can handle violence, but he’s never handled making me care about a lead character, so films all about the kills are where he should perfect his vision thing.

Plus this actually does look like a lot of fun – I’d make a nuts joke but he already thought of that. Check out the proof-of-concept teaser after the jump.

h/t Canadian.Scott