An Unacceptably Terrible-Looking Animated Feature Is Opening This Weekend

It’s only been a week since we ran a list of Seven Hilariously Bad Animated Movies You Didn’t Know You Should Watch, and already somebody’s striving for entry into next year’s installment.



This is the plot synopsis I was emailed:

“The Last Flight of the Champion” is rated PG and follows Neddie Nerfhoffer currently living in a society embroiled in an intergalactic war with a ruthless dictator. After Neddie finds a long-forgotten ancient warship, he forms a crew of his childhood friends and takes to the stars, intent on bringing Warlord General Disdain to justice.

Needless to say, it did not shock me to learn that a fat gluttonous character in the movie has a Fake German accent, an obnoxious character has a French one, and a female warrior a Russian one. I was a bit surprised by the leprechaun, but nothing like the surprise I felt realizing that this would actually play on more than one big screen. I’ve been to film festivals so independent that nothing in them will ever be seen again (it’s awesome and sad, but sometimes there’s free beer) – and the animation at most of those was better than this.

Look at that group shot. It’s like Captain Eo’s field of vision after he got a lobotomy, was half-blinded and fed a straight diet of morphine for four weeks.

Do you dare to watch the full trailer? Click on…