By the Power of Groom’s Cake!

You know how sometimes we find details online of somebody’s geeky wedding, and report on it.?

This time, it’s mine. Behold my rehearsal dinner cake, created by Dee Ayres:

Annie McGrath

Annie McGrath

(Note: If any other websites wish to use this image, as its own thing or part of a larger gallery of nerdy cakes, simply link back and give credit)

More self-indulgence after the jump, if you can bear it (I’ve learned very quickly today how much some of you seem to HATE original content)…

Edwin Santos

I entered the ceremony on the back of a jeep, to this music:

My bride entered in a carriage:

Jesse Thompson

to this…

During the ceremony, my cousin read aloud Dr. Manhattan’s “thermo-dynamic miracles” speech from Watchmen, which induced titters when the the word “sperm” came up. Then we finally exited to this…

As for our first dance, well, it looked like this…

Jesse Thompson

And sounded like this:

I encourage anybody else to stick to your guns on this stuff. So many dreams made true that I never thought I’d see this weekend.

Just remember – I was a virgin till I was 26. It gets better.