Corey Feldman’s Music Video Might Be the Douchiest Thing Ever


First, it helps if you’ve read the sad, sarcastic account of Feldman’s birthday party by Vice Magazine, in which female attendees were required to be in their lingerie and males had to pay $250. Then, read about how he got mad about the article despite approving every word of it.

Finally, watch the music video after the jump if you dare, as it “premiered on MTV on July 1st 2013 and within hrs had reached the coveted “Buzzworthy” status,” which is quite a trick when I can’t think of any videos actually having played on MTV in a long time. He’s (depressingly) trying to be Michael Jackson, even dressing and attempting to dance the part, with one crucial difference – he goes out of his way to show mostly naked women and imply that he’s sleeping with all of them. At one point, his Goonies costar Sean Astin shows up briefly to look absolutely terrible.

I think he misunderstands the fact that Charlie Sheen had a successful and funny TV show before trying to pull this kind of thing off as tiger blood or whatever the hell it was that we all quoted at the time and have completely blocked from our memories now. Whatever the case, I think he really is a lost boy now. Today, we’d root for Kiefer Sutherland.

Seriously, it’s an amazing train wreck. Watch if you can. And realize that it could be worse – have you seen Richard Grieco lately?

h/t Todd Gilchrist