Now Obi-Wan’s Ghost Is in Star Wars Episode VII Too?

“You don’t need an original script”

Okay. I know that when I wrote about the Palpatine ghost thing, more than one reader took me to task about linking to Latino Review, calling it a dubious source and at least one of its writers an unreliable person.

I know at least one of their major sources, and he’s legit. But when the site’s Kellvin Chavez wrote today that Obi-wan Kenobi is also coming back as a Force Ghost, presumably to be played by Ewan McGregor, I dug deeper, looking into Chavez’s track record.

He doesn’t post exclusive scoops often, but of the ones he did post, many are too premature to call. Those old enough that they can be assessed, though?

He broke the news of Georges St. Pierre being cast as Batroc the Leaper in Captain America: The Winter Soldier, and that Guillermo del Toro was working on Justice League Dark. Both of which happened, and are not things you’d just pull out of your ass if you were guessing.

Now, does that mean this will definitely happen? No. It means that if true – and most of Chavez’s stuff seems reliable – it is something being discussed right now. That doesn’t mean it’ll be in the final version. It does, alas, make me think that the imaginations of the folks in charge of making the movie are sadly limited. I’m all for continuity – anything called Episode VII needs some ties to the previous 6 – but let dead Jedi masters lie.