PS4! Xbox One! Nintendo…2DS?


Those gaming wars are surely going to heat up now, as Nintendo introduces a new system that will play all its handheld 3D games…in 2D! And in what may be an ironic nod to classic 3D, it comes in red or blue.

You know the funny thing? If somebody came out with something like this that allowed you to watch 3D movies in 2D, it would be hailed by many, chief among them my movie critic brethren who can’t understand that 3D is enjoyed by people when done right (I realize glasses that allow you to see 3D in 2D do exist, but they’re not widely distributed or known about by those not paying attention). But for games, it seems like a silly step back – are there really that many consumers who’ve wanted a 3DS but can’t stand its particular 3D effect? And don’t want to be able to fold the thing closed to avoid screen scratching?

The commercial for this thing honestly plays like a prank – if this were April 1st I would find it highly suspect. They’ve found the worst actors at doing fake happy faces. I half-expected Phil Hartman to be doing the narration from beyond the grave.

Watch after the jump and see what I mean.

h/t SlyDante