Say It Ain’t So, Metrosexual Lobo

Damn you, DC redesigns. This does not seem like a good idea.


(Full image is at DC

Maybe I’m jumping the gun, but this feels to me like the equivalent of a clean-shaven Wolverine with throwing knives instead of claws. The whole appeal of Lobo as I see it is that he’s every extreme of a gross alpha male in one indestructible body (and yes, I know he began life in a gaudier, goofier costume than this). I’m fine with a leaner, colder bounty hunter, but make him a new character – not the cigar-chompin’ scuzzy outlaw space biker we know and kinda dig.

Maybe we’ll learn that this Lobo has the surname Tomy.

Right now what I see before me is Robert Pattinson in Hawkeye’s movie vest with Witchblades. Lobo was one of DC’s truly individual characters before – who are they trying to appeal to now?

After yesterday’s big casting news, I’m starting to think maybe they do in fact want to woo R-Pattz.

h/t The Mary Sue