Topless Toy Chest: Star Wars Black Series Boba Fett 6″ (Comic-Con Exclusive)


I know what you may well be thinking right now.

Something along the lines of, “Way to rub it in, you dick. Showing us a toy we’ll never own, and doing so in detail, is just flaunting your shit like a douche.”

If that is what you were thinking, you’re only partially right. I’m totally a douche who flaunts…but you WILL have the chance to get one of these figures from me for yourself, next week. Because I’m an awesome douche.

(Note: the figure that will be up for grabs is unopened and not the review figure shown in the pictures.)



This Boba Fett figure will be available carded as part of the Black Series 6″ line’s wave 2, and we’ve heard rumors that the Han in Carbonite may also be available again down the line, but part of the appeal of this one is the packaging. The box isn’t sealed – it just has a cardboard band around it that slips off easily. When you open the box, you get the figure in a display tray with accessories. He’s held in place by those tiny transparent elastic bands often found on Mattel figures. Lifting out the tray reveals a display stand underneath. With the possible exception of the bands, he’s very easy to get back in the package.


The stand is for that anti-gravity effect, allowing single characters to take Captain Solo to the cargo hold…of a ship that will probably never be made in this scale.


Boba’s articulation is unique. He has ball-jointed head, shoulders, elbows, wrists and hips; pseudo-ball at the waist/ab area. He also has upper-thigh cut joints and double-jointed knees. Here’s where it gets weird – he has a mid-bicep cut on his right arm only, and while the ankles can go forward and back, and rock side to side, they cannot rotate.

Additionally, the viewfinder on his helmet does not swivel down, and the missile is not removable from the backpack. However, when you look at it closely, you see this…


Now, to me, that looks very much like a missile-shaped slot – perhaps with an eye to future variants (or Jangos), if indeed this scale allows for firing rocket packs that won’t choke the children.

You’d think all his articulation would be useful…but the giant pouches on his belt really get in the way. Want him to sit down? This is the best you can expect…


While I’m sniping, Boba’s cape is also way too “ironed and folded,” considering that at this larger scale, you could probably get fabric to hang properly. Any pointers on how to “distress” it more?

The detail is what makes it all worthwhile, though. I really don’t need him to sit down, and while his double-knees are pointless if he can’t even kneel, at least they blend effectively into the sculpt. From the front, in the right pose, the joints are almost completely hidden.

How does he literally measure up to previous Fetts? I’ll show you.



As a colleague said to me, the only real problem with this figure is he may make you want to start collecting a whole new line.

If you’re willing to risk that, keep tabs on this site next week…