Hot Rumor: Spider-Man to Make Marvel Studios Movie Debut in Avengers: Infinity War Part 1


I wouldn’t consider this a done deal just yet, but often-reliable Latino Review writer Da7e is claiming he has heard Sony and Marvel have come to terms on a profit-sharing deal, it definitely will NOT be Andrew Garfield, and he’ll be in the next Avengers movie [NOTE: linked article has potential MAJOR SPOILERS for other Marvel films, if true.]

Given that we know now that the studios have been talking, and given that absolutely 100% of the response from the fan community has been, “Yes, that is a far better idea than Amazing Spider-Man 3, or Young Aunt May, or Uncle Ben’s Ghost V. Morbius: Dawn of Dead-Horse Beating” and perhaps most importantly that this way Sony can make money without actually doing anything, I think there’s a good shot at this happening.

Here’s the ironic thing – when I think of Spidey team-ups from my childhood, I think of X-Men and Fantastic Four. I’d actually rather see him in the Fox hero-verse, unless of course the new FF movie completely capsizes that.

If Garfield’s out, who would you like to see in?