Feeling Broke Yet? Here Are Some of the NEXT Star Wars Figures Coming!


We might as well start with wave 3 of the basic Force Awakens figures, which includes a Rebels cameo from the Inquisitor. It confirms that the “Guavian” we showed yesterday is indeed real, that there’s a robot who looks like Abe Sapien fucked See-Threepio called PZ-4C0, and a fat Pollis Massan lookalike called Goss Toowers. This will also be the first appearance in the line of First Order leader General Hux.

So what’s up next for the 6-inch Black Series? Well, there are photos floating around online of wave 2, which includes Poe Dameron, Constable Zuvio, Captain Phasma and Guavian Enforcer, but they’re from sources that may be taken down at any moment. Aside from repacks, wave 3 is set to include the new TIE Pilot (the vehicle only comes with one, and you need two) and Resistance Trooper, while wave 4 will feature the Snowtrooper, Hux, and alien X-Wing pilot Asty.

And those cool-looking Disney Store diecast figures will be venturing into the previous movies. Not quite in scale with the Black Series, the 7-1/4 inch line will grow with General Grievous, Darth Maul, Darth Vader, Boba Fett, original Stormtrooper, and AOTC Anakin. That’s the sort of all-star lineup you create when you don’t expect longevity, so we’ll see how it goes – I’ve ordered a Phasma already and will let you know.

I’m thinking not to expect Han, Luke or Leia till after the movie opens.