You Must Possess This Life (Death?) Size Skeletor Bust…Or You Possess Nothing!


I’m sorry, did you think Skeletor was a goofy cartoon villain? Stare into the eye sockets of the demon-fused former Keldor in 1:1 scale, and you just might change your mind – this Eternian lord of destruction may not have the arm strength to wield a havoc staff, but light this baby up in a darkened room, and he will induce nightmares. Only a series of trips to the gym, tanning salon and pageboy barber can protect you now.

Actually, the light-up eyes version is an online exclusive, and can be ordered starting at 3 p.m. PST on Aug. 26th, though at $675 he costs more than an annual subscription to Masters of the Universe Classics, if my math doesn’t suck as badly as Skelly’s plans to take Grayskull by force. A regular version will be available for the same price wherever expensive busts of fictional characters are sold.

What’s interesting is that this is basically the 2002 animated version – a “style” Mattel keeps insisting is retired. Not so much when it comes to third-party licensees, apparently.

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