Freddie Prinze Jr. In Talks for Star Wars: Rebels


Okay then! So…Freddie Prinze Jr. comes across as a fanboy who hit the jackpot, having previously used his celebrity to work for the WWE creative team (you’d think that’d make him the most unlikely celebrity to do so, unless you already knew that Bob Mould wrote wrestling TV shows). And he’s loosely tied to the Star Wars mythology already, in that his movie Wing Commander was the one that the first Phantom Menace trailer was attached to – in those days of dial-up modems and multiple-hour video downloads, the movie quickly gained a reputation as the one people were buying tickets to just to see the trailers, and then leaving.

Not unlike Ben Affleck, he seems like a nice guy with the right interests, yet he makes terrible choices – Delgo is the animated equivalent of Gigli – and hasn’t exactly demonstrated the biggest acting range. Since it’s voice-over, though, at least he can’t fall back on that dopey grin of his.

Also joining the cast of the series, set between the trilogies and inspired by Ralph McQuarrie art, are David Oyelowo, Vanessa Marshall, Taylor Gray and Steven Jay Blum.