Game of Thrones Gets an 8-Bit Makeover

And with that, your productivity for the day has stopped.

During my years of writing for Topless Robot, I have seen all types of Game of Thrones-related videos. From metal covers of the GOT theme to fanedits and endless parodies both good and bad. A lot of these have stuck with me, but none have actually filled me with life-affirming joy before. What you see above is a trailer for a fully playable 8-bit Game of Thrones video game that lets you control four different characters from the books/show. This unauthorized and utterly inspired creation is the work of designer (and, if I have any say in the matter, future Nobel Prize nominee) Abel Alves. OH MAN YOU GUYS HE EVEN INCLUDED AN 8-BIT VERSION OF THE THEME. AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

Sorry, I’ll compose myself.

You can download it here. DISCLAIMER: Topless Robot is not responsible for any unemployment that may result from you shunning your work duties to make an adorable 8-bit Jon Snow attack enemies with direwolves.(Via The Mary Sue)