How Did We Miss This? Calvin and Hobbes Meets Dune


“Infinite Diversity in Infinite Combinations” was just a marketing slogan Gene Roddenberry came up with to sell more Spock merchandise, but as an axiom for the nerdiest areas of the Internet, it’s almost true.

If by the first “infinite” you mean “stuff that exists already.” We will combine anything for the hell of it, much like kids who try putting turkey on a jelly sandwich just to see how gross it is. But then someone calls it a Monte Cristo and makes a fortune. Anyway, point being there’s an entire tumblr dedicated to putting the words of Arrakis Messiah Paul Atreides into the speech bubbles of the divinely entitled Calvin. It’s not a bad fit – certainly it works better than David Lynch and Dune.


A ruckus. Doom. Dessert planet.

h/t Marc Danziger