MTV Geek, R.I.P.


I’m going to miss these guys.

I should have figured the writing was on the wall when my friend and their former editor Tom Akel announced he was leaving. But since they’d been advertising for another editor – albeit an apparently superhuman one who would have to write 11 articles a day plus do a ton of other stuff – I thought that must have been in the works for a while.

MTV Geek were very good to us, sharing our contests and interviews, and pointing me to videos on their site they thought the readers here would like. I never shared anything that I didn’t think would work – though of course I wasn’t always right. I also had a blast being part of their Comic Con coverage and firing off Nerf guns.

They also got some pretty good exclusive product reveals over the years, that I fear will be buried in a main news page. Unlike the network whose name they sport, MTV Geek always remained relevant to my interests. I’m gonna miss ’em.