New Poster, Trailer for Nerdist’s Zero Charisma


Not to be confused with the similar and equally nerdishly titled The Zero Theorem from Terry Gilliam, Nerdist Industries’ first foray into feature-film distribution now has an official poster and trailer.

The movie about rival Dungeon Masters in a role-playing game group has gotten some great buzz on the festival circuit; our own SXSW reporter Fred Topel said of the filmmakers that “they not only know their RPGs, but have a cinematic way to show everyone else how cool they are.” I like what I’m seeing so far of the casting – that lead actor looks like the most convincing frustrated fat nerd I’ve seen since Kevin Smith Tweeted about getting kicked off a plane.

The new trailer doesn’t quite convey the central struggle between old-school nerd and hipster nerd (an idea long overdue in movies, and I’m not surprised Chris Hardwick jumped on it) the way prior versions have, but it does seem to me to get the trappings of the scene down correctly.

I’m no expert, though, so I’ll leave it to the hardcore aficionados to judge. After the jump…