Surf’s Up for Jurassic World


A part of my job when I guest edit is trying to come up with fun videos for you to watch. Sometimes I stumble upon something that I think is great but don’t really buy that it is legit. Case in point, a “pitch” trailer for Jurassic World that was purportedly shown at Star Wars Celebration Europe. (Though as you’ll see after the jump it’s more of a “catch” trailer).

As you can see, this is a fun little video that features two flying beasties — dino nerds can fill me in on what type they are — playing catch with a surfer. It’s great fun, but it also seems more like a fan video or Syfy production than something created by ILM. This came to my attention via the always reputable The Mary Sue, who claim “it’s not based on a scene from the actual script. It’s just meant to make people go “Holy $%(&, dinosaurs!” So maybe this is just a teaser and I should lighten up. Feel free to prove its authenticity or debunk it below.