The Spider-Man 3 Symbiote That Could Have Been


In those heady pre-Turn Off the Dark days, the biggest threat to the Webslinger’s legacy (outside of the Clone Saga anyway) was the mess that was Spider-Man 3. So when the above image of an alternate Spidey suit from the third film that was more true to its comic origins began making the rounds recently, fans instantly launched into tirades about what could, nay, what should have been. There’s nothing but Internet speculation as to why this design was ultimately nixed — with most accounts saying that Sam Raimi wasn’t pleased with the shiny latex appearance of the suit. What with the Poochie-esque qualities of the New Goblin and how Sandman turned into a shitty version of Belial from Basket Case during the final battle, I have bigger issues with the flick than the appearance of Spidey’s black suit. Still, as a lover of cinematic what-ifs, I find this photo fascinating. What do you think?