TV News Trifecta: Doctor Who, Better Call Saul, Legend of Korra


? Hot on the heels of yesterday’s announcement of the BBC’s plans for Doctor Who‘s 50th Anniversary, we’ve got our first look at the poster for “The Day of the Doctor,” complete with exploding Daleks and, most enticingly, a Bad Wolf reference.


? USA Today is reporting that AMC has greenlit the long-rumored Breaking Bad spinoff series Better Call Saul. Bob Odenkirk will might reprise his role as Albuquerque’s favorite smarmy lawyer in the show, which will chronicle his adventures before encountering Walter White. No word yet on if familiar characters like Mike Ehrmantaut will appear. My gut feeling on this is that the prequel thing is a red herring being reported as to not give away Saul’s ultimate fate on Breaking Bad, and it will be set after the events of the Breaking Bad finale with Saul setting up shop in a new town. (Again, this is just wild and utterly baseless speculation on my part. Whee). Other than the fact that it will be an hour-long series, there’s not much details about this as of right now. Stay tuned. UPDATE: Vulture is reporting that neither Vince Gilligan or Bob Odenkirk have signed on as of yet. Interesting…
? On Friday night, Nickelodeon will premiere the new season of The Legend of Korra: Book Two. Hit the jump to see the final trailer.

Okay Avatar fans, what do you think? (Via Comics Alliance)