United Nations Secretary-General Completes Giant Lego U.N. Building


It would have been cooler if he built the entire thing himself rather than just finishing it, but that would probably take too much time away from trying to mediate crises and stuff. Unless he could get all the world leaders to chip in and build it together.

United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon today added the last LEGO element to a large scale LEGO model of the United Nations’ Headquarters, as part of the UN Global Compact Leaders Summit focused on “Architects of a Better World.” The Leaders Summit is the flagship event of the world’s largest sustainability initiative, designed to bring business and civil societies together in support of UN goals.

The completion of the 1.65m tall model followed a series of exercises in which global CEOs used specially-designed creativity kits of LEGO bricks to build their vision of a stronger future for education, human rights and the environment. The Secretary-General finalized the UN model with the Chairman of the LEGO Foundation, Kjeld Kirk Kristiansen, and Foundation CEO, Dr. Randa Grob-Zakhary by his side.

The model used over 90,000 bricks. Had even one been left on the floor and stepped on by a bare-footed ambassador, we might have had an international incident.