Hello Kitty as a Giant Battle Robot


If my life were a drinking game observed by a Truman Show-like audience, one of the signals to be imbibe would be every time my wife utters the phrase, “Look at the kitty. What’s she saying?” I feel like enunciating that particular phrase right now, as Google Translator doesn’t work on images – what IS this particular Kitty saying? That Sanrio is trying to market their female-skewing toys to boys now by adding spring-loaded missile hands?

And what exactly does it say about someone when they choose to ride around inside a giant robot replica of themselves, with bleeding-eye paint job?


I mean, I would, but I’d make it a cooler version of myself, with better abs and more tattoos and cool shit like that. Kitty’s content with a scale clone that’s slightly creepy, but certainly a unique way to celebrate 40 years.

Hey, I’m getting close to that age myself. Start building, y’all.