When I Think “Racing Games,” I Don’t Usually Picture John Cena and Aaron Paul


John Cena really is jealous of The Rock, isn’t he? His WrestleMania opponent gets to costar in a franchise about street racing, so Cena goes and stars in…a free downloadable game about street racing, John Cena’s Fast Lane. But better yet – look at that drawing of “Cena” in the game itself – is he actually trying to morph into Dwayne Johnson there? Or did WWE outsource the artwork to a guy who knows nothing of the product and just did a Google image search?

In other wanna-be Fast & Furious news, the Need for Speed movie starring Aaron Paul debuted its trailer today, and it looks…awfully self-serious. I guess that’s to create a contrast with the campier tone of F&F, but still, I don’t need prayer narration over my fictional car crashes. Real car crashes, yes – you bet I’ll be calling on the almighty then.

Trailers for both Need for Speed and the John Cena game are after the jump.

(Of course, for the Cena game to be truly accurate, it will have to only allow you to do five moves, yet still be super-successful despite every level being exactly the same.)

h/t to SlyDante for the latter.