Toy News Trifecta: 8-Bit Alien, Lego Helicarrier, Vinyl Bill Murray


We’re coming up to Superbowl, but shortly after that comes the New York Toy Fair, on the heels of several international toy fairs that are leaking news. First up today is the latest in NECA’s series of retro video-game repainted figures – a Dog Alien in a color scheme based on the 8-Bit Nintendo/Sega Master System Alien3 game. I bow to the wow.

Second, it’s the massive Lego Avengers Helicarrier, which is almost three feet long and still too small to be properly scaled for minifigs, though it comes with some anyway, if you want to fudge it like the Hasbro version. It is scaled somewhat for microfigs, which also come with it, and you’ll probably have to be Tony Stark to afford it.



And vinyly, er, finally…a company called “A Large Evil Corporation” has, over the past couple of months, been leaking out computer-generated concept models for vinyl figures, including properties like Shaun of the Dead, The Big Lebowski, and even Finn from The Force Awakens. Some sites jumped the gun and assumed this meant they were toys already, when they seemed to be just pitches…but now Funko is partnering with the company to make some of them a reality. If indeed Finn gets made – which is far from certain until we hear it for sure – that’ll officially anoint him the first Star Wars Episode VII merchandise revealed.

Love that Venkman, though.