William Shatner Has a Prog-Rock Album Coming


You know how Shatner’s kinda gotten less funny since he became self-aware that his dramatic pauses and speak-singing were loved for being so terrible? And then Ben Folds produced an album for him, that got decent reviews? And he did a double-disc of sci-fi cover tunes with celebrity guests after that?

I think it might have gotten to his head, as unlikely as that concept surely must seem for William Shatner. And this is great news for those of us who enjoy horribly bad things. As they say in Ghost World, it’s so bad it’s gone past good and back to bad again. But it has the potential to push even further to double bad-goodness. It is, after all, “quite possibly the most creative thing I have ever done,” sayeth he.

Amazon has audio samples from the album up now, and it’s full of cheesy, maudlin chorus, awful saxophone and the Shat seriously intoning lyrics like, “He’s only a dog…you may say…He’s…lying around…and…INtheway! Paws and tongues and lots of leanings…everything a dog does has meaning.”

Ponder the mystery, indeed. The mystery of why people like Steve Vai and Robby Krieger need money so badly that they helped make this.