Bad Grandpa Red-Band Trailer Has Sex With a Vending Machine


One of the axioms of old-school Hollywood was, “Give ’em something they’ve never seen before!”

As far as my memory goes, this qualifies.

I know last time I posted about the Jackass spinoff, we had a debate about whether it was nerdy or not. And as much as I can go on about how I think Jackass fulfills the classic comedic role of holding a mirror up to society, it doesn’t beat this news: a direct-to-DVD sequel that cobbles together unused footage into a whole ‘nother film, will also feature two different edits of said footage…

…from Oscar nominees and Where the Wild Things Are collaborators Spike Jonze and Catherine Keener.

I’m so tempted to say something like “I’m Keener on this now than ever, with a real Jonze for some comedy”…but if I do that you should probably punch me. So instead I’ll just remind you to click the jump for a penis in a vending machine. I’m not proud.

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