Creators of Myst and Riven Want to Kickstart Obduction


What is Obduction? Well, it may not surprise you to know that much of it is a mystery. But based on what I can glean, it’s about a pine cone from space that transports you to Pandora, where you have to figure out where the sudden steampunk and Dr. Seuss influences came from.

It does surprise me that nobody with a ton of money is saying “Myst was a hit, let’s back more like it”…except for the fans. But maybe that will be enough. Certainly I’m all for games that don’t require me to sprain my fingers mashing buttons at high speed – I’ve already ruined two keyboards just by blogging.

See the pitch video after the jump, and maybe you can guess what the secret of the space pine cone is.

h/t Peg Y.