Disney Research Lets You Feel Texture on a Flat Screen


Ever wanted to pet a kitten virtually? Feel the texture of a fruit before you buy it? Play a video game where you rely on textures while moving around in total darkness? Or…let’s just cut to the chase here – touch a boobie (or schlong – no judgments here) even when nobody’s around?

Disney probably won’t be giving you that last one, but via a technology that uses electrical impulses to fool your touch receptors, you will soon be able to feel texture – as far as your brain knows, anyway – on a flat-screened device. The implications for blind people are quite significant. The implications for porn, perhaps even more so. Because once they can fool touch receptors on your hands, well, other body parts would seem to be a natural progression.

This isn’t Weird Science level yet – but check out the video after the jump for a more PG explanation. Then let your mind run wild, as you wonder why “touch a jellyfish” was somebody’s first choice.

via Indiewire