Futurama Will Be Back…in The Simpsons‘ Season Finale


Looks like Fry, Leela and company will be turning a shade of yellow, and not from space jaundice. This season’s last Simpsons episode will be a full-on crossover with Futurama. On the one hand, that may be seen to take away slightly from the time-loop series finale, but on the other…more Futurama! If only briefly!

Other tidbits revealed in a recent conference call with executive Al Jean, reported by Sun news in Canada, include news of a forthcoming wedding for Comic Book Guy that will feature cameos by Stan Lee and Harlan Ellison, and the upcoming death of a major character.

I know most of you don’t find The Simpsons that funny any more – does this all make any difference? Or is it the Worst Publicity Stunt Ever?

h/t Canadian.Scott