Geek Apparel of the Week: The Orko Hoodie

Want to be able to wear a hoodie, yet not be unfairly profiled as a threat?

This oughta do it.


Funnily enough, I’ve heard several different accounts in the past couple of weeks from people who admit to having once been He-Man’s awkward pal Orko for Halloween. They’re almost embarrassed when they say it, until I pull my metaphorical nerd card and explain that on his homeworld of Trolla, Orko actually was one of the most powerful magicians. Then they become embarrassed for me.

But considering the way this hoodie can come apart, you could also tell people you’re cosplaying as Gay Pride Malekith. Or “Sassy” Tinky Winky.


As with the Soundwave hoodie I just gave away, this comes from

h/t Coop