Jurassic Park Step One: Find Ancient Blood-Filled Mosquito Fossil. DONE!


It wasn’t in sweet, sweet amber, but shale – a 46 million year-old mosquito with blood-engorged abdomen. Thereby proving that mosquitoes have been more or less unchanged as annoying nuisance vampires since pretty much forever.

So, where’s our dinosaur park made from the reconstructed DNA in the bug’s ancient dinner? Sadly, for now, there are no means to fully reconstruct DNA traces which are that degraded. This is why we use frog DNA to fill the holes, people!

In semi-related news, Iron Man 3‘s Ty Simpkins has been cast in the fourth movie, Jurassic World. Since Ty Tweeted a while back that his interview with TR was one of his favorite, I can’t help but root for that choice.