Samsung Uses an Impressive History of Nerd References to Sell Galaxy Gear


Your typical commercial: something that shows how your life will be made easier with the product in question, suggest you might get laid, or at least feel an adrenaline rush.

(Well, that or it shows a stupid dad being outsmarted by his brilliant wife who bought the right thing. But let’s politely ignore those; they mostly air during daytime soaps anyway.)

Not so with Samsung. Sure, they could show you why you need a smartwatch…or they could show you an entire history of nerd icons from Dick Tracy to the Power Rangers using a wrist communicator, then be all “Guess what? It finally exists now! You. Future. Living in.”

Okay, so I probably shouldn’t be writing their taglines any time soon. But check out the awesomely geeky montage after the jump. As the image above suggests, Brian Blessed is in it. And that makes it a Blessed Event.

h/t Gallen_Dugall