Stephen Lang Back for All Three Avatar Sequels


Though there were earlier rumors of Arnold Schwarzenegger, who may have been in talks, James Cameron today confirmed that despite the fact that Miles Quaritch met a fatal end in the first film…he’ll be back. As long as it’s not too preposterous a twist that does this, I’d say that’s pretty good news – anecdotally, it seems like even people who were lukewarm on the movie enjoyed seeing this veteran character actor have his day.

[I asked Latino review’s El Mayimbe, who had the Ahnuld rumor first, on Twitter if this news means Schwarzenegger’s out. He responded with an emphatic “No!”]

My guess – it’s been established that the planet can preserve consciousness after death, but our assumption, I think was that all such consciousness preserved would be happy and harmonious and hippie-dippy. What if it’s not that simple? (If it’s going to last three more movies, it had better not be.) Either Quaritch is such a badass that he can overwhelm the Eywa forces and control parts of the planet himself as a disembodied spirit, or Eywa is not the simple essence of good that was implied.

Either way, it’ll be fun to have the most entertaining character back.