Super Sexy Topless Weekend Hangover Aggregation Fun Time! – 10-7-13


Recapping some of the reader-posted highlights from the Weekend Open Thread:


– Be a Bat-biker (rkwsuperstar).

– New Cartoon network CG show looks to be not just good…but Sonic good (SlyDante777). Also, a new Pokemon is a sentient key ring.

– Hulk Hogan shows his ass cheeks, impersonates Miley Cyrus, undoubtedly gives the Iron Sheik a week’s worth of Twitter material (Anyone00).

– World Cup? This thing belongs in the World-Destroying Cup (rkwsuperstar).

– Words fail (Anyone00).

– Vintage Halloween Costumes most definitely DO NOT include “Sexy Charlie Chaplin” (SlyDante777).

The Ant-Man movie costume that’s probably just from the test reel, but could be newer (10glfan59).

– Self-cleaning clothes. Designed for the military, sure to be tested by potheads (troi).

– Dude sticks live eel in his rectum. Fails to foresee obvious problems (LYT).

– Lego Parisian restaurant allows you to (theoretically) play Ratatouille (Timely-Tardis-Lego).

– Ninjas or Navy SEALs? The commander of U.S. Special Operations Command has an admittedly biased answer (Gallen_Dugall).

– Maybe Hulk Hogan was just auditioning for this (Timely-Tardis-Lego).

– Effects artists create a spec trailer about Russian death robots, for fun in between paying gigs (Dr.Gonzo82).

Keloid from BLR_VFX on Vimeo.

Neil deGrasse Tyson critiques Gravity in Tweets – I think he’s missing what the title actually refers to. But nitpicks aside, he enjoyed it (Regular_Stormy).

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