The 20 Best Cosplayers of NYCC

Chris Cummins

A huge part of the appeal of fandom events like NYCC is that it allows average Joes to rub shoulders with fans who go above and beyond by dressing as their favorite characters. Cosplaying is an essential part of the convention experience, and seeing the inventive getups that fans spend plenty of time and money crafting is always a pleasure. (Which is yet another reason that stories about cosplayer harassment are so profoundly disturbing). Fortunately, the majority of people who attend cons are both respectful and appreciative of those who dress up.

Yesterday, Tatiana provided a look at how two impressive NYCC attendees prepared their outfits. So we know how and why cosplayers do it, but what cosplayers truly stood out this year? That’s the question I wanted to explore in this Daily List in which I offer up my picks for the 20 best cosplayers at NYCC. Obviously a list like this is somewhat subjective, so be sure to mention – or, better yet, show pictures – of your favorites in the comments. Let’s begin!

20) Heisenberg

Chris Cummins

With Breaking Bad having wrapped things up a few weeks ago, it’s no surprise that Walter White/Heisenberg was easily the most popular cosplay choice at NYCC. (With the Eleventh Doctor seemingly a close second). Of all the Heisenbergs, my favorite is pictured above. Our cancer-ridden chemistry expert here comes complete with his trademark blue meth, pork pie hat and cheesy, emasculated dad windbreaker. Even though his jacket isn’t screen accurate, I’m still choosing this gent as the best Heisenberg of the show due to his strong resemblance to Bryan Cranston. So much so that I contemplated trying to pull his face off to see if Cranston’s was underneath. It’s not like he hasn’t pulled that stunt before.

19) These Two

Chris Cummins

I’m not sure exactly what is going on here, but it is disturbingly…arousing? Now we know what Mummenschantz porn looks like.

18) Wonder Wobear

Chris Cummins

In the absence of any Wuvable Oaf cosplayers at NYCC, the bear subculture of the LBGT community was represented at this year’s festivities by the one, the only, Wonder Wobear. Lovers of body hair and bad puns, meet your new favorite superhero.

17) Sandman

Pizza Tuesdays

His fake arm is more solid than the entirety of Spider-Man 3’s script.

16) Mr. T

Chris Cummins

I pity the fool who cannot appreciate this truly outstanding Mr. T cosplayer. Entertaining folks in the lobby for the majority of Saturday afternoon with his dead-on impersonation of the mohawked A-Team legend and some comedically oversized jewelry, T here is a perfect example of the infectious joy that cosplayers bring into the lives of their fellow conventioneers.

15) Cassandra

NY Otaku

Lady Cassandra O’Brien.?17 may be CGI on Doctor Who, yet at NYCC she existed in a tangible form thanks to the ambitions of her creative carekeepers. Everyone who saw Cassandra at the show was happy to moisturize her with their tears of joy.

14) Cap’n Crunch


I have no idea why the Cap’n was hanging around at NYCC, but my money is on it being due to Captain Phillips viral marketing. Great costume, though, and his choice in friends isn’t bad either.

13) Loki

C.S. Muncy

Genderswapped superheroes and villains are a staple of any quality con, and this great lady Loki is as awesome as a picnic on the Bifr?st.

12) Ben-Day Dots Girl

C.S. Muncy

The unmistakable dotting style of vintage comic books is known as Ben-Day Dots. This clever cosplayer? She’s is a Lichtenstein-ian triumph.

11) PaRappa the Rapper

Chris Cummins

As a diehard fan of Masaya Matsuura’s classic rapping dog music game, I was beyond thrilled when I saw a PaRappa the Rapper wandering the main hall. So ya gotta believe that I stopped and snapped a pic. Unfortunately, Chop Chop Master Onion was nowhere to be found. And with that, my dreams were kick kick punched.

10) Bumblebee

NY Otaku

Fact: Transformers costumes are instant crowdpleasers. Even when they are inspired by Bayformers flicks. Bumblebee here spent Saturday showing off his moves near the inexplicably placed car section of the main floor. Fortunately for everyone in attendance he had his leaky bladder problems under control.

9) The Invisible Man

C.S. Muncy

The only Universal monster to share his name with a Lush song, the Invisible Man was quite noticeable at NYCC due to this screen-quality costume. We can see you, and we’re loving it!

8) Mysterio

Rich S.

Mysterio’s costume remains a 1960s fever dream of wackiness. So to see it rendered in reality is jaw-droppingly cool. Let’s hope that the Marvel Universe Live folks opt to keep this look as opposed to replacing it with a modern/edgier (i.e. lamer) design.

7) Khan

Rich S.

In the aftermath of Star Trek Into Darkness, it was nice to see a cosplayer emulating Montalban vintage Khan as opposed to Cumberbatch.

6) Harley Quinn

C.S. Muncy

A tip for those of you seeking to dress up as perennial con favorite Harley Quinn: what will set you apart from your peers will be your commitment to carrying around a huge hammer prop for the duration of the show.

5) Bob Belcher

Chris Cummins

Anyone can throw on an apron and fake mustache, so what separates the wheat from the chaff in the world of Bob’s Burgers cosplay is how good the puns on your burger board are.

4) Mazinga

Chris Cummins

Even without a rocket-firing fist, this roughly 9-feet-tall cosplay take on Mazinga (also known as Transor Z and Mazinger Z) was an unexpected treat for anime fanatics at NYCC. What’s next, a cosplayer dressed as the Space Battleship Yamato? Man, I hope so.

3) Shredder (With Decapitated Turtle Heads)

Chris Cummins

In which Shredder gets revenge against his pizza-devouring foes, and kids who encounter him get nightmares for weeks.

2) Texting Skeletor

Chris Cummins

What is Skeletor doing here?
A) Texting Evil-Lyn to request that she bring home some more Shittens from the store.
B) Voting for his favorite contestant on The Voice.
C) Frantically trying to order a Strobo from
D) All of the above.

1) Bad Robot

Chris Cummins

Not since the glory days of Twinkie the Kid have we had a company mascot as lovable as Bad Robot. The mischievous face of J.J. Abrams’ production hub, the Bad Robot hit the comic con floor in a stunning costume that came complete with a massive Slusho – the official drink of the Abramsverse. (Take that, NYC s beverage ban). After I complimented the person behind the suit, he told me he was a big Topless Robot fan. To which I say no, good sir, it is we who are your fans. Congratulations, Bad Robot, you’ve won NYCC 2013!

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