The Best Way to Learn Your ABCs: Nerdy Alphabet Blocks

Jonathan M. Guberman is a creator of awesome shit whose work has been featured quite a bit here, from a typewriter that plays text-based games to a talking plush Portal turret.

Now he has a kid. Possibly the luckiest kid in the whole world. Because he’s only one, and dad’s already making him some wonderful toys.



He did these for the whole alphabet, and the numbers 0-9, using laser engraving. Selling sets of these would probably be a legal nightmare, but who among us would not buy them, kid or no kid? I’d be willing to stay up all night and vomit just a tiny bit on my shirt if it meant convincingly walking into a baby store to buy these for “my son.” Then again, I kinda do that most nights anyway.

(images courtesy of Jonathan M. Guberman)