The Carrie Remake, Remade With Paper Cut-Outs


Tired of horror remakes and re-imaginings? Think you could do better with colored paper and badly female-impersonating voice-actors? Want to watch a telekinetic girl in action live on paper-view?

If you’re Travis Betz, this is nothing new. The filmmaker behind the imaginative low-budget demon love story Lo has been doing paper trailers for a while, re-envisioning the likes of Lord of the Rings and Machete Kills.

The cut-out nature of his characters is undoubtedly a commentary on Hollywood and its paper-thin, two-dimensional plots. When remaking a remake, this goes double.

What emerges is strangely artful…from a certain point of view. Keep calm and Carrie on.

(Yeah, I just wanted to say that last part. Even though I know I totally did not set it up properly.)

Hit the jump, and stay for the “outtakes” at the end – a bonus the actual film will surely not deliver…

h/t Edwin Santos