At Last, a Game You Can Win by Imagining Sick Sexual Fan Fiction out Loud


Really, though, doesn’t EVERYBODY win when you do that?

(If the answer is “no,” you just need more practice.)

In the game of Slash – or as it should be called, SLASH! AHHHHH-AH! – you draw cards with names of personalities from “History, Mythology, Literature, Film, TV, Comic Books, Video Games, I don’t think we have any think specifically from poetry but I could be wrong.” You then get to make your case as to who their best fictional partner would be, and why.

Five of the cards are left blank for you to add your own names, so if you really want to block your opponents, feel free to write in Tupper.Adam. Hypothetically. Because the game doesn’t exist in mass-produced form yet…but it’s very close to meeting its Kickstarter goal.

I know you’ve been playing this unofficially for years – but now you get to claim that it’s a “game” with “rules” that isn’t merely “boner fuel.”

Pitch video after the jump.

source: Kotaku via SlyDante777