City of San Francisco Will Let a Cute 5 Year-Old Be Batman for a Day


It’s cool and all when Make-A-Wish kids request stuff like a backstage meeting with John Cena, but sometimes, just sometimes, I think we all wonder if any of these kids don’t have bigger dreams…and how far the Foundation can actually go to make them happen.

Meet Miles. He asked to be Batman.

And for one day, an entire city is going to make that dream come true. He’ll be called by the police for help, rescue a damsel in distress, defeat the Penguin and the Riddler, and of course ride around town in the Batmobile.

If you’re in the area, you can help. Batman wouldn’t be Batman, after all, without the good citizens of Gotham cheering on his heroics. On November 15th, show up to cheer Bat-Miles onward to victory – because leukemia is tougher than the Joker ever was.

I got nothin’ smart-ass to add. Go Miles!

via ComicBookResources