James Franco and Seth Rogen Fan Fiction Comes to Life in Kanye West Parody


Seth Rogen finally has the role of a lifetime – and it’s Kim Kardashian.

And that’s a name I never, ever planned on typing into this blog. But if that’s the hurdle through which we must jump to see Rogen and his pal James Franco making out while at least one of them is totally shirtless – something even This Is the End didn’t deliver – well, I don’t see how it’s avoidable. I’ve kept away from the actual version of this video, choosing to remember Kanye West favorably as the guy who did “Jesus Walks.” Thanks to Rogen and Franco, who recreated his latest video shot-for-shot, I now know he has somehow become really terrible.

On the plus side, again, he inadvertently gave us a Franco/Rogen makeout. And you know he must like that, because he’s a gay fish.

Proceed for the video…

h/t SlyDante777