Super Sexy Topless Weekend Hangover Aggregation Fun Time! – 11-11-13

Collecting highlights from the best reader-submitted tips in the weekend thread. A lot of duplicates this week, so I went with the first in most cases…I think.

It’s 11-11. Make a wish!

Oh, you wanted to see KISS and Lynda Carter together? (skrag2112)

Yet another thing that was on the laserdiscs of the Star Wars trilogy way back when and is just now hitting the Internet (10glfan59).

-Keep your high-end crystal glasses in One Piece (troi).

-A unicorn frenching a cactus (earthmanprime).

-Canadian.Scott invades California (Canadian.Scott and Anyone00).

-The marsupial mouse that fucks to death. Not new, but three new varieties have been found, giving the critters yet another fetish possibility to die on. (Canadian.Scott)

G.I. Joe‘s Dusty in therapy – probably just upset he hasn’t been in the movies yet (Dr.Gonzo82).

-How Charmin! Thor has always been an ass-guardian…venturing into a world where the sun don’t shine (Anyone00).

-The coolest thing to ever have the word “jazz” in its title (Anyone00).

Also: the Jane Austen MMO Kickstarter (no zombies – faithful Jane Austen).

-Drones that fit in your hand. Uhhhh…Beavis has something that fits in his hand, sir (James.k.Polk).

-David Tennant gets catty (troi).

-Jetman is like so many ’80s action figures come to life (SlyDante777)

-The Scots don’t just wear nothing under their kilts – they also use fireworks to demonstrate (James.k.Polk)

-The Bigfoot hunt that went badly (Gallen_Dugall).

Also: “Hogs vs. Drones” is not a Syfy movie.

Beef jerky soap, for when plain ol’ farts just won’t do, scent-wise (rkwsuperstar)

Portal to the other side (10glfan59).

-White Ranger versus Scorpion. Well, one’s a Jesus guy and the other’s from Hell, so…(Dr.Gonzo82)

-Snap your fingers, snap your neck (Patch999)

-Metal 3D printing – first thing we make should be a gun. Nothing can go wrong there (Dr. Gonzo82)

-Surrender, Dorothy! It’s the Wheeler…tortoises (SlyDante777)

Also: Live-action Lococycle trailer with James Gunn, Tom Savini, Lloyd Kaufman, more…


-John Deere meets Mtn Dew (Dr.Gonzo82)

-When Robots Attack…SimCity (GallenDugall)

Lego Death Star Trench Run was probably harder to build than the original (Dr.Gonzo82).

-…but does it beat the Lego Mario Mushroom? (10glfan59)

Mukluk Land, the Alaskan theme park so strange you’ll never make fun of Sarah Palin again by comparison (SlyDante777)

-Metallica’s least-good album gets an 8-bit makeover (Dr.Gonzo82)