The Weekend Hangover: Pizza Zombies, Transforming Tron Bikes, Ronald McDonald Goes Vocaloid, More

Collecting non-comprehensive highlights from the reader-submitted tips in the weekend open thread

earthmanprime & James.k.Polk

-Bow ties aren’t cool, but that doesn’t stop some people from trying (rkwsuperstar).

Also: when Sarah Silverman said Jesus was magic, I don’t think she considered Ponies.

-Lego Mini Gumball Machine (Gallen_Dugall).

And: a Lego tactical pistol.

And: Kawasaki Tron bike transforms into quad.

Avengers trailer made up of outtakes (OneMinuteGalactica)

-Jenga takes you higher…Oh, oh, oh, it’s on fire (SlyDante777)

Also: Fried chicken gorilla drummer

Also: CG Doraemon has the unique look of 2D anime that’s been inflated like balloons.

And: Cinnabon teams with Pinnacle Vodka for an official flavor. What chain should be next – Burger King?

-Whatever the hell this is (Anyone00).

-“I just saw a guy with a horse head motorboat a lady” (10glfan59)

-Obi-Wan never told you what happened to your daddy. Who’s Your Daddy? Darth Dildo (rkwsuperstar)

-The Ronald McDonald/Hatsune Miku nightmare I’ve been having lately (Anyone00)

-The world’s first 3-D zombie shooter game on your pizza box (SlyDante777)

And: Japanese woman ties meat to herself to race a Komodo dragon.

Bender knit cap might be tough to see out of (rkwsuperstar)

Star Trek Fanfic series featuring Walter Koenig, Tim Russ and Robert Picardo. Presumably not spooning. (Timely-Tardis-Lego).

-RoboPenguin allows us to…spy on penguins. Surely Morgan Freeman could have told us all we’d need to know (James.k.Polk).

-Sriracha candy canes will cock-block your tongue (rkwsuperstar).

Also: Custom Tom Baker My Little Pony. Sadly, one of a kind.

Leonard Nimoy remembers JFK (skrag2112).

-Great art is shit (SlyDante777)

There was something about Miley Cyrus and a giant cat, but I’ll let people find their own links to that particular thing.