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The folks at Curio Obscurio have spoken – and they have selected two honorable mentions and one winner.

So who gets to walk the TARDIS plank? Hit the jump to see…


I would say he is the Doctor partially regenerated. His solution to the time war will have caused him to age an extreme amount making him a very old Paul McGann. Ask yourself what happens to a Time Lord who dies of old age, and how would he regenerate?

Judges’ comments: “What does happen when a Time Lord dies of old age?”


I’m honestly not sure how John Hurt is going to tie into the whole thing but i really hope the episode ends with him tied to a chair and Eleven say “okay gang, lets take off this mask and see who he really is.”

and the rip off his mask and he is christopher Eccelsten

and eleven says “omg it was secretly number 9!!!”

“I woulda gotten away wit it if it wasn’t for these snooping time lords”

“Ginkies” says clara

Judges’ comments: “Because where the hell is 9”

And the winner is thecalebg

Entry The Second.

The Eighth Doctor fought the time war then regenerated into Hurt. This Doctor attempted to rest and recover, but just became angry about what he had to do. He adventured alone, tryign to ease his pain, but just became more and more angry. Over time, he became the Vengeful Timelord, full of rage and power. He rampaged about the universe, exacting vengence on any and all that crossed his path. In this time, he created many enemies, including the Silence and the Clerics.

Eventually, he became so evil that the TARDIS itself refused to obey him. He crashed into Trenzalore and began fighting with his own inner nature that had driven him to call himself the Doctor so long ago. After a fantastic struggle, he did regenerate into the Ninth and ran as fast and far away from his darkest moment as was possible. But that much evil could not simply vanish. It remained in Trenzalore, festering and growing, until it mantifested into physical representation. He was weak at first, but soon became stronger and continued his mission of evil in the universe.

Most of the problems the Doctors experienced during the run of the Tenth and Eleventh can be traced back to the workings of the evil Hurt. When the Eleventh was broght back to Trenzalore, he relized that he could no longer avoid his past. They start out talking, but then Hurt reveals that he has created an evil TARDIS. He tries to flee and the chase is on. They fight back and forth through the universe, even plunging into the alternate reality that Rose and the human Tenth inhabit. They join forces with Eleven and eventually triumph over Hurt. But the stress is so great that Eleven starts his regeneraton.

Judges’ comments: “Common theory but I loved the explanation for Trenzalor and how it factors into the theory”

Congratulations, the calebg. Send me your info to claim your prize.