Firefly 6″ Figures and Kenner-Style Buffy Figures Are Coming

Here’s hoping they’re better than these ones.

Is your Joss stick getting hard yet? Funko, the company primarily known for those stylized bobbleheads with the black circular eyes and square-ish noggins (and trans-license coverage second to none except maybe Minimates, because stylized figures don’t require likeness rights), is getting into the action figure game.

Having purchase the ReAction figure concept – which saw Alien figures like the ones Kenner planned in 19079 1979 finally get made – from Super7, Funko is expanding it into other licenses, and first up is TV’s Buffy the Vampire Slayer. Using all the demographic information available to them via multiple episodes of Robot Chicken and the Internet, Funko has clearly concluded that Buffy fans are the perfect demographic to pay full price for soft sculpts and little articulation, provided you remind them of their childhood in some way.

For the rest of us, who like the advancements in toy sculpts and articulation, the “Legacy” series is boasting that it’ll be akin to Star Wars Black, with premium detail. and poseability. The first property to get that treatment? Firefly.

Fantastic Mr. Fox movie figures were promised previously, but no word on which style they’ll be. I hope this isn’t a case of Shocker Toys syndrome, promising too much that doesn’t quite happen.

Because if this actually works, we could be looking at a new figure golden age. Complete with endless stupid variants, of course.

via Poe Ghostal