I Can’t Imagine a Book Called The Hunger Gays Will Offend Anyone


What do you suppose the protagonists hunger for, exactly?

The Hunger Gays forces its participants to choose a position when they enter the competition: top or bottom. The position determines their fighting method. Our main character, Aspen, is 19 years and not entirely sure what he wants. A central struggle of this story is Aspen forcing himself into the role of a bottom because that’s what he thinks he is. Readers will slowly see that Aspen has top tendencies and sports a very dominant personality.

Will that dominant personality keep him from slipping between the cracks, so to speak?

Just because the main character is young doesn’t mean the rest of the cast is. The best part of the Hunger Gays saga is that it opens up the door to different types of gay men- bears, twinks, skinny, fit, silver fox, and husky. Each character participating in the competition will be a unique archetype of the kind of real men you find out in life. There are no cookie cutter types.

What’s the difference between archetypes and cookie-cutter types? Unless “cookie-cutter” in this case is a specific kind of fetish that’s simply being excluded.

And why does Aspen have to choose between a top or bottom? Can’t he be both? Oh, wait…I bet that’s the twist ending when they change the rules. I’m also thinking the threat to “eat the berries” might be reinterpreted.

The Hunger Gays costs $10.