Johnny Depp IS Evil Max Headroom in new Movie by Dark Knight D.P.


Frequent Christopher Nolan cinematographer Wally Pfister, who deserves every success he gets as payback for the miserable childhood his last name must have given him, tries his hand at directing with Transcendence – and it looks like it could be decent. Although at first you’re thinking, “Hey, Johnny Depp without goofy makeup! That’s a good idea!”, then midway through the trailer, you’re all, “Oh fuck, he’s getting cancer makeup…and now he’s an A.I. Yo, Johnny, you realize we’re okay with you not putting a ton of crap on your face, right?”

On a totally unrelated subject, I hope Wally and a certain Benedict set up a company one day. Because “the offices of Pfister & Cumberbatch” is really fun to say.