The Linkin Park/PSY Album-Length Mashup Has No Right to Be This Good.


I know that if I said to any of you in the abstract that when you combine the band that does the Bayformer soundtracks with that annoying “Gangnam Style” guy, you’d have no grounds for believing me. But I come bringing hard evidence. Some enterprising mixers by the names of Rosalina Sama and Triple-Q have taken the music from Linkin Park’s first, best album Hybrid Theory, and replaced the vocals with those of PSY.

Actually, it’s a lot more than that – they’ve clearly done a fair bit of mixing and retuning to make the words and music mesh better than they simply would at random. The only thing missing is a video that combines PSY’s dancing with a mosh pit, presumably hurting everyone and finally proving the village elders in Footloose correct.

Check it out before somebody takes it down.

h/t FakeAssName