Average Dad Transforms Into Circusy Demon in Clown Trailer


There is one small thing in this trailer that stretches my suspension of disbelief a little further than it ought.

No, it’s not the desperate dad finding a clown costume, then realizing he can’t take it off and it’s become part of his body, like a super-festive Venom symbiote. Nor is it the now-standard horror trope that modern clowns are somehow based upon ancient demons.

The thing I don’t quite buy is that any normal kid wants a freakin’ clown at their birthday party any more. Don’t you youngsters prefer to play new video games to watching some sad-sack in greasepaint make a balloon doggie? Well, I think this movie will be a cautionary tale in that direction – make your dad get a clown, and he’ll turn evil and kill you. Present him with that argument, and watch a nice new video game show up to your party instead. That’s logical, right?

Eli Roth produced. But of course.

via ShockTillYouDrop