Capaldi, Zygon and More New Doctor Who Figures Revealed


So it looks like Twelve’s costume will basically be Eleven’s minus the bow tie and with a new jacket. Okay then. Unfortunately for longtime collectors of the line, the only UK Toy Fair reveals so far seem to be in the new smaller 4″ scale – toys are expensive as all hell in the UK relative to here, so they have to keep them affordable for kids and parents somehow. And at least this way, the Doctor can fly the Millennium Falcon if required. Or Malcolm Tucker can curse out Darth Vader.

For older collectors (presumably), there’ll also be a new line of Mez-Itz style vinyl figures which include the War Doctor, Crimson Horror Doctor, Whisperman, Strax and even a TARDIS with “Bad Wolf” spray paint on it.

Maybe one day the toy license will regenerate into better hands.